Courtney Ashworth
Holistic Wellness Coach


I'm Courtney, student in the ADAPT Functional Health Coach certification program of The Kresser Institute.

I have completed the pre-practicum portion of my training, which has been an in-depth education around health science as well as diving into the psychology of how we grow and change as humans.

The practical portion of my training is now underway, allowing me the opportunity to turn this wisdom into practice by working with clients interested in improving their own health and well-being.

It's time to step into YOUR worth, reclaim your power and inhabit your body - with a sense of energy, peace, and vitality.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Health coaches guide clients in building self-awareness, setting and achieving personal goals, and creating and maintaining new behaviors.

  • Modern technology provides access to a sea of health information – more access than ever before. But if health information was all it took, we would all be fitness models … Am I right?!

  • The truth is, becoming and staying well comes down to learning to apply all that information to your own unique and everchanging life. We will cocreate tiny experiments that each provide opportunity for learning and growth. We focus on the simple steps – that will dramatically move the needle.

  • I know that healthy and thriving are two very different things. The difference is in cultivating and sustaining lasting behavior change, which requires deep support – this is the power of health coaching.

  • I provide my clients with resources, tools, practices, and the space to connect with and embody their own intuition, so they leave feeling connected to their bodies and empowered to take ownership over their wellness journey to meet their body’s greatest potential.

  • Through compassionate, inspiring coaching, my clients gain confidence and learn their body’s unique language of wellness.

I believe a rich life of vitality is your birthright. I believe wellness is within reach for every body, by going beyond the fear-based mainstream health and media dogma.

Together, we reclaim our freedom and create wellness plans that focus on personal responsibility, informed guidance, self-care, emotional self-regulation, and leaning on the natural resources of our mother earth.

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Functional Health

My style of health coaching is guided by the principles of Functional Medicine, which prioritizes optimizing health, preventing and reversing disease through a focus on addressing lifestyle and environmental factors.

This is so important in today's modern world, which rewards over-achievers and encourages a “do-more” mentality, leaving us feeling over-worked, under-nourished, and bombarded by pro-inflammatory environmental stressors. Conventional medicine tends toward addressing symptoms with a band-aid approach, ignoring the elephant in the room that we are facing an epidemic of rising rates of chronic disease. A functional approach emphasizes optimizing health and addressing the person as a whole, not just their symptoms.

The heart of my practice is guiding my clients to find ownership within their lives, and learn to adopt lasting behavior change that optimizes their health and well-being so they can live longer, more enjoyable lives while hopefully reducing, eliminating, and/or learning to better manage existing pain and symptoms.

Areas of focus for our work together may be anything you recognize as important to your wellbeing. Some common starting points include: intuitive nutrition, sleep, stress management, meditation, increased energy, movement, body awareness, supporting hormones, pregnancy or postpartum, personal clarity, and/or life balance

My interest in health science turned to passion as my curiosity deepened around optimizing both my mental and physical health.

This all came together with the birth of my daughter. My pregnancy, natural labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding experience shook me to the core. I became deeply aware of the power of nourishing my body, not just to cure or fix dis-ease, but to sustain life full of ease. As I look into my daughter’s eyes, my promise to her is to model health and total well-being, and provide her the tools to create wellness within her own life. One year postpartum, and I feel my strongest and healthiest ever.

My Story

My personal wellness journey: coming from a family history of mood disorder, my personal battle with anxiety started young and only became more debilitating into my teen years. Struggling to find solutions, and having tried medications that only complicated symptoms, I found peace by tuning into my body, and learning to support my mind and body through food, movement, rest, and a presence-centered spiritual practice. Whether it’s about balancing hormones or gut microbiota, or some combination, I am confident I have the resources within me, and continue to learn along the way.

I am a wife. mama. daughter. sister. law enforcement officer. student of life. adventure-seeker. fitness junkie. coffee-snob.

I am a recovering Type-A, people-pleaser, who decided to start tuning into my inner need for real balance.

I know firsthand that most of us find it easier to care for others, while leaving self-care on the back burner. If you are that person, that parent, cop, nurse, or teacher, whoever you serve, and however many hats you wear, but realizing you are running yourself thin, let’s talk! I believe it is only when we feel nourished and supported that we can create the space from which to serve.

Out of college, I went straight to work for a local law enforcement agency. I’ve worked in various settings to include a call center, the office, and a patrol car on nightshift. In each of these seasons, I adapted and interwove my health values into my routine. Most recently, I added in the dance of motherhood.

Along the way, I have become intimately aware that I always feel and operate my best when I return to the basics. I would be honored to support and guide you in your own journey of discovery into what works for you, regardless of your unique health goals.

I believe our greatest struggles can only be resolved by going within.

I decided to become a health coach to make it my mission to support people who are crazy about bettering their lives, so we can collectively make the world a better place.

I’ve walked alongside my own husband (a 20-year veteran law enforcement officer himself), my mom, and many other friends and family members on their weight loss journey’s and other health-related struggles.

I personally believe there is no greater experience than that of sharing in celebration as someone overcomes a struggle they previously accepted as status quo.

Education and Training

  • (In Progress) ADAPT-Functional Health Certified Health Coach

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

  • Minor in Leadership Studies

More Fun Facts

  • I LOVE movement - I practice yoga, play around at a local CrossFit gym, and occasionally run (I once ran a half marathon!)

  • Outside > Inside

  • I am a bit nerdy when it comes to nutrition science and all things women's health.

  • I love to cook - and am always trying something new!

Courtney Ashworth
Holistic Wellness Coaching

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