I am a wife. mama. daughter. sister. law enforcement officer. student of life. adventure-seeker. fitness junkie.  

I am a recovering Type-A, perfectionist, over-achieving, people-pleaser.

Coming from a family history of mood disorder, my battle with anxiety started young and only became more debilitating into my teen years. I learned quickly that being an over-achiever was my way to maintain control and keep everyone around me happy – until it wasn’t. Struggling to find solutions, and having tried medications that only complicated matters, I found myself feeling lost and isolated in a world that was supposed to be more connected than ever before. I finally found peace by tuning into my body, and learning to support my mind and body through food, movement, rest, and a presence-centered spiritual practice. I learned about something called Superwoman Syndrome, and decided to make powerful changes in my life. Whether it’s about learning when and how to say 'no', balancing hormones and gut microbiota, or some combination, I am confident I now have the resources within me, and continue to learn and grow on this path.

My interest in health turned to passion as my curiosity deepened around optimizing both my mental and physical well-being. This all came together with the birth of my daughter. My journey to motherhood (including natural labor and 1 year+ of breastfeeding) shook me to the core. I became deeply aware of the power of nourishing my body, not just to cure or fix dis-ease, but to sustain life full of ease.

As I look into my daughter’s eyes, my promise to her is to model health and total well-being, and provide her the tools to create wellness within her own life. Becoming a mom, I knew I couldn't go on living life the way I was - fatigued and plagued by chronic low-grade stress.

I know firsthand that most of us find it easier to care for others, leaving self-care on the back burner. If you are that person (that parent, cop, firefighter, nurse, teacher) whoever you serve, however many hats you wear, and plates you are juggling... but realizing you are running yourself thin, let’s talk! I believe it is only when we feel nourished and supported that we can create the space from which to serve from our highest capacity.

I've made many mistakes along the way, but I have become intimately aware that I always feel and operate my best when I return to the basics, regardless of what else is going on in my life. I would be honored to support and guide you in your own journey of discovery into what works for you in accomplishing your unique health goals.

I support women (and men) who are looking for balance in a world that no longer prioritizes it. I support women who are hoping to get pregnant, but know their busy lives can't handle one more priority. I support moms who want to feel better about the choices they are making for their busy families. I support families that want to optimize their wellness. 

I believe our greatest struggles can only be resolved by going within.

I decided to become a health coach to make it my mission to support people who are crazy about bettering their lives, so we can collectively make the world a better place.

I’ve walked alongside my own husband (a 20-year veteran law enforcement officer himself), my mom, and many other friends and family members on their weight loss and other health-related journey’s.

I personally believe there is no greater experience than that of sharing in celebration as someone overcomes a struggle they previously accepted as status quo.

Education & Training:

(In Progress) ADAPT-Functional Health Certified Health Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Minor in Leadership Studies

Certified Law Enforcement Officer - State of Florida

leaning into a life full of balance.

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