You don't need another cleanse

Stop chasing the next cleanse or diet and start caring for yourself with a more loving, gentle, and motherly approach


5/9/2022 2 min read

Or another fast or another diet or another ...

know, I know, Summer is crashing into us and it feels like there is just enough time for one last effort to get that bikini body ready, but hear me out ...

First, Let me start by saying I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day. I know many of you are mothers yourself, of one form or another, and I hope you felt full of love, appreciated, and nourished this weekend. AND I hope your family feels inspired to let that appreciation carry on for some time :)

It is my belief about motherhood, that it less about the role and more about the energy. The energy of caring for others, giving without expectation of return, and loving deeply. In this way, we can all be and all are mothers. Whether you have children, biological, adopted, foster, or step, or you care for pets or plants. We also bring this mother energy with us in all of our relationships. I don't have to tell you the importance of caring for another living being (your child, pet, or plant) with patience, discipline, and compassion. This likely comes very naturally to you.

Yet, when it comes to caring for ourselves, we tend to give a little less energy and expect bigger and faster results. We look for quick fix pills and resets. We push through and wait until we are sick to take time off. Why is that?

What if this year, instead of trying another 14-day cleanse, you approached your health with a loving motherly energy? What if you were patient and trusting in your ability to care for yourself? What if you looked to your long-term health instead of focusing on the results you wish you already had? This is a radical way of approaching health if you look at the context of our culture and what health media tells us. But I believe it is powerful.

We have all tried various cleanses, diets, fasts, protocols. But how do those short-term "fixes" normally leave us? What is the actual result?

Typically a heightened sense of boredom, deeper cravings, and we generally are left feeling like shit. Am I right??

Look I like to reset my nutrition about once a year. But even that normally involves still eating an appropriate amount of food and just cleaning up my focus on quality of ingredients.

But there have been times in my life where I was constantly on one diet or another and living for cheat days. If this is you, I would love to know how that is feeling? How is it working for you?

If you are curious and craving support to get to a place of self-care through a loving and gentle, motherly approach, I would LOVE the opportunity to chat with you about how to get started. Respond to this email to let me know you want to schedule some time.

You don't need another 30-day reset, 14-day diet, 3-day fast, 2-week ab challenge ... you just need to learn to trust in yourself, just as you would trust in a loving mother to care for you.

Sending you all so many blessings as we approach Mercury Retrograde (starting tomorrow!) Take it easy on yourself!

You don't need another cleanse